Overhead Crane Repair & Hoist Repair Training Classes Available Now

Why Use Triple Phase Training?

It’s a fact: Employers face the difficult task of finding qualified overhead crane repair technicians available for hire. Part of that problem stems from the occupation itself. There are no colleges or trade schools taking high school students and teaching them how to be skilled tradesmen. On-the-job training is the only form of progression to becoming an overhead crane repair technician. That requires the employer to train personnel. Training crane repair technicians can be an exceptionally big challenge. The effort required to train a good technician is substantial, and cannot be accomplished by just one person. Real world experience, accompanied by formal training, and hands-on development is absolutely necessary. Triple Phase Training was founded to fulfill this need.

We are not an overhead crane repair college or trade school. Triple Phase Training’s sole focus is to help personnel already working in the field. Let us optimize your technician’s ability, and refine the “mental toolbox” they carry on each crane. Our mission is to provide a formalized course tailored to your needs. Whether you have veteran technicians or apprentices, we provide valuable education and training.

Please contact Triple Phase Training and let us help you build a highly optimized team.


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Overhead Crane Repair & Hoist Repair Training Classes Available Now

If you need on-site, hands-on training from a field experienced trainer,
simply call us at the number below

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Overhead Crane Repair

Overhead Crane Repair

Whether you have personnel just starting an apprenticeship or lead technicians with years of experience, our Crane & Hoist Repair Course is designed to benefit ALL skill levels.
CAL-Osha Inspector Prep

CAL-Osha Inspector Prep

California has set the bar high for being a crane certifier, and we have put this course together to help technicians get ready to take the test. This prep course is truly one of a kind.

VFD Install And Operation

VFD Install And Operation

This course focuses on the installation and trouble-shooting skills related to variable frequency drives. We conduct hands-on demonstrations and diagnostics, offered on-site for our clients.

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