12 Jan 2016

Triple Phase Training was founded on the thought of providing our customers with the specialized training they have been searching for. This course is no different. We see the need for a course to help technicians refresh and retain the knowledge need to be a crane certifier. Whether you are inspecting or repairing overhead bridge and gantry, mobile, tower and derrick cranes this is a preparatory course designed with you in mind.

If your company or technicians are planning on working in California on overhead bridge cranes, then you will love our course. We have put together a great preparation course for those wanting to take the Cal-OSHA crane certifiers test.  We use multimedia, videos, and memory games to help the technicians succeed. This course is not intended for those who do not work on cranes. Please be advised, Cal-OSHA requires the participant to have five years of verifiable crane experience. This course is specifically to help those who have some difficulty with test taking and need memory aids to help them retain the information on the day of their exam. Obtaining a Cal-OSHA certifiers license comes with responsibilities and strict guidelines.

Our focus at Triple Phase Training is to help overhead crane technicians to succeed in every aspect of their trade. We want to build a community of successful crane repair technicians. We understand the needs of this specialized trade. Not having traditional means of education poses a significant challenge when educating in this field of expertise. Finding those qualified to train crane technicians has proved to be extremely challenging. We are currently cross training our crane and hoist repair instructor to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our launch date of our completed course is expected in the summer or 2016.

Have you or one of you employees ever desired to have the highest crane inspector certification possible? We are designing a truly great course with our patented training techniques to drive the information home. Pass the first time you take the test. Join our email list and you will be the first to know when our class is available.

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