Triple Phase Training is always updating and evolving our material to keep up with advancing technology. Right now we are putting the finishing touches on two NEW Crane Repair Courses!

CAL-OSHA Inspector Prep Crane Repair Courses Available Soon!

Have you or one of you employees ever desired to have the highest crane inspector certification possible? We are designing what is truly one of our greatest crane repair courses with our patented training techniques to drive the information home. Pass the first time you take the test. Join our email list and you’ll be the first to know when our CAL-OSHA Inspector Prep Crane Repair Courses are available.

VFD Install & Diagnostic Crane Repair Courses Available Now!

We are always expanding the manufactures we partner with to provide our clients with comprehensive Install & Diagnostic Crane Repair Courses for the Variable Frequency Drives they have on site. This gives technicians the toolbox they need to be successful and part of a highly optimized team. To learn more click on the link below. Variable Frequency Drive Crane Repair Courses are now availible.